Saturday, December 4, 2010



 The Garden was sold out, but what was blatantly apparent was Ozzy's audience has become multi-generational.  I think I may have been one of the youngest folks there who wasn't with their Dad or Grandfather.  I saw 3 generations at the Garden and it felt strangely safe and corporate. Metal is meant to be rebellious and wicked not corporate and safe!?! What is going on???  Sharon Osbourne is a genius, and that is what's going on.  While we sit and laugh at Ozzy trying to put together misplaced sentences and words, fumbling and mumbling around on tv, He and Sharon are laughing all the way to the bank. (trust me)  Ozzy Osbourne is no fool nor is he an idiot.  He has become the Icon of Metal and they have milked him for every penny. In 1996 the story goes:  Sharon called up Lalapalooza and asked if Ozzy could join them on the tour;  they declined saying Ozzy was too old and their core audience weren't Ozzy fans. (bad idea)  Being the savy-sassy businesswoman Sharon is, Miss Ozzy Osbourne started her own metal-festival and called it Ozzfest! Now Ozzy has headlined Ozzfest, the largest metal festival of all time for the past decade.  So take that Lala-what?!?!? One year they even did the whole Ozzfest tour for free as a way to give back to their fans.  But poor Ozzy, who was once known for his music, now is sortof a laughing side-stock of American culture.  I resent this and still feel he is an incredible musician.  I miss the days when I would ask my Mom to take me to the Hickory, NC mall.  I would go to the magazine stand and try to find any metal mag to read on Ozzy Osbourne.  I can't explain it, I just always loved the man.

thz guys were celebrating their 16th anniversary!
This dude paid $999.99 for his ticket to get to meet him and get his autograph!!!! (true insanity) I was worried that maybe it wasn't going to be safe, b/c New Yorkers can get a bit CRAZY,  but it was fine and without drama. But not without excitement!!! Ozzy played my favorite song Road to Nowhere and he even did some of his new songs.  It was so cool seeing the old man run around on stage smiling ear to ear and spraying us with a foam-gun. Yes, a foam-gun! He has undeniable stage presence.  Ozzy is a small man but has complete control of the entire audience.  If he says jump then 5O,OOO people will jump, and if he waves his hands, then they'll be 1OO,OOO arms in the air.  I've seen it every time, he's OZZY OSBOURNE!!!!

Rob Halford played as well and did a great job.  His vocals were amazing.
It was Ozzy's birthday so we all sang him happy birthday at the Garden. 

A young Ozzy.  Notice his name tattooed on his hand.  This was the 10th time I've seen the Madman of Metal, and I gotta say that he pours his heart and soul out onto every performance. He even bowed down to us, yes he bowed down to us, the audience.  Thank you Ozzy for always giving us your best, even though you are crazy as hell.  :-)   


  1. Yet another stunner and a topic near and dear to my heart. Ozzy is and will always be a legend. I feel like he will never get the credit for his brilliant melodic sense or his song choices. The fact that people think the TV Ozzy is the real Ozzy sickens me to know end. Power and props to Sharon (even if she is a classless hoebag) for being a great business woman and making him rich, because for many years they saw zero money from the Sabbath records. I am looking forward to Ozzy's next book and Jack's Ozzy documentary which will perhaps enlighten people more to Ozzy's value in music history.

  2. Keefy, I'm very thankful for your comments and appreciation to Ozzy. He truly is a wonderful musician and frontman. The melodic touch he has on metal often goes unnoticed. Sharon is a whole new convo, but Ozzy being retired doesn't add up. He would go nuts trying to figure out what to do. He truly loves his fans and being on stage, (I think his dream is to die on stage) His vocals have faded and he reads off a tele-prompter, but who cares he's over 60 and still rockin'!! Long live Ozzy Osbourne!

  3. I agree on all points. The teleprompter is ok with me as long as he isn't married to it the entire show. Especially with such a deep set list of songs he doesn't always play. I felt his performance this year was better than any other in ten years! So glad he is in top shape, doing what he loves.


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