Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chocolate Hug Mugs

 Country Boy here just saying hay!  Do you love chocolate?  Yeah, me too and Max Brenner is the bald man with all the chocolate. He reinvented the chocolate experience and created a modern day Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory in NYC.  I was lucky enough to walk by a boutique selling Max Brenner gift sets in Bryant Park the other day.
It was a post holiday sale.
When City Belle and I first started going out we went to Max Brenner's restaurant for a date.  They had hug-mugs that you drank hot chocolate out of, and we thought it was the coolest thing ever.  It's made with a curvature that enables you to completely wrap your hands around the mug, creating a hug.  Hence, HUG-MUG!!!! Whoa!!   So when I saw a gift package with them, I jumped at the chance to get em'.  I got 2 hug-mugs, 2 saucers, and lots of European style hot chocolate mix called Chocktail for 25 bux! 

Basic ingredients of 2% milk, Chocktail mix, and some TLC.
Milk being poured into a Bialetti Hot Chocolate maker.  
Chocolate Chocktail mix being poured for Swirly Swirl!!!
Here's the star of the show, the Bialetti Hot chocolate maker!  This thing has literally revolutionized the way we make hot chocolate.  It is an actual kitchen appliance dedicated soley to a frothy cup of hot cocoa.  Crazy right? The frother sucks the air out of the bottom and recirculates it back on top creating a chocolate froth while heating the milk!
Frother being submerged!!!
Adding to the experience we decided to toast some marshmallows.  
(getting them slightly burnt on top is the trick)
Double ~ Decadence

The hug mug is a perfect gift for an upcoming holiday men.  Hint. Hint......It starts with a V.

until next time,

~ Country Boy

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  1. Yum! I could really go for a cup of that yumminess on this especially cold cold NY Day!


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