Friday, January 7, 2011


We have been snowblinded!!  Snow, snow, and more snow!  It's like Snow-Mageddon, what the heck is going on?  North Carolina had a blissful white Christmas, but NYC got clobbered w/ the blanco~loco stuff.  Now it's snowing again?!?!  Thankfully City Belle and I were home for the holidays and we missed the blizzard of 2O1O.  
Chrysler Building January 7th, 2O11
I adore this building, the art deco style was so far ahead of it's time when it was finished on May 2O, 193O.
 I stalked this lil' dog.  He looked so pitiful walking out in this mess, I just knew he was miserable so I thought I would follow him.  Low and behold I caught the little-devil cockin' his leg up on our gate!  Not actually ours, but still! Let's just hope he doesn't get any on his little red boots. 

 I gotta tell ya, the maintenance guys here always keep the sidewalks clean for us.  I'd like to commend them for a fantastic job.  
a man's plow..........
 A child and her mother being helped by a real-live angel.  People say New Yorkers are mean, and some are, but in a City of millions there is a lot of good people too.  I've found that you get what you look for.  ;-)
These flakes were HUGE!  But I am honestly tired of the snow.  This was apparently a small dusting compared to the 20 some inches the City got on Christmas.  A small dusting huh?  It's been snowing here for 10 or 11 hours...... 
a small dusting..... 

 Hey! I heard tell a man onna hill say ya'll might be getting sum snow down there in North Carolina! So stay warm, stay loved and stay blessed b/c you know we all are.  

until next time,

~Country Boy


  1. "Goin Blind" by Ki$$ comes to mind as well. I was in Westchester, NY for the holidays and was part of said blizzard. NY people are getting kind of soft these days. My generation used to handle stuff better than this. Yup. I officially sound like an old person.

  2. I totally agree, but the people I spoke to here said it was no big deal and that the media was making it seem crazier than it actually was. Don't get me wrong they said it was bad, but they dealt with it ya know?. Plus Berkowitz in Brooklyn didn't help by screaming at Bloomberg. lol

  3. I was out in the worst of the storm for about ten minutes and I'd say it was legit and bad. Historically the failure is that NYC doesn't budget for snow removal, ever. They never have. The pray nothing happens and in the past a storm would put the city's budget in the red. Not this time under current conditions. Bloomberg didn't realize he is fighting the history of public opinion too, which is that Manhattan gets plowed, Riverdale gets plowed, Park Slope gets plowed but the ghetto and the outer boroughs do not. This is the truth and I saw it myself when two days after the storm I trooped out to Astoria Queens to find little plowing had taken place and drifts that covered cars completely. Even the plowing in the city I felt was poor by old standards. You can't operate a major city this way and this coupled with the controversy of the revenge subplot by the DOS will be Bloomie's undoing.

  4. The red pill is abundant and leads to growth the blue pill houses the laborers. Follow the path that leads you to the duckets as that's always the case; you know why Manhattan gets plowed. It's all about the money Keefy.


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