Monday, January 24, 2011

Country Boy Toast

Ok I know what you're thinking....We ordered french toast from some great restaurant near-by and had it delivered.  Nope, this here is genuine, home-made Country Boy French toast.

Basic ingredients are gonna be needed.  And as much as it's been snowing lately you should have an abundant supply of milk and eggs.  But not just any bread will do.  You gotta get Challah.  
Challah Bread is a Jewish tradition.
It's the best bread I have ever put in my mouth.
I used crush roasted almonds that are salted.  The salt works well when mixed into the batter.  I used just a little vanilla extract, and some coffee creamer.  Yes coffee creamer w/ a half a cup of 2% milk.  
City Belle did a great job behind the camera while I was slaving away in the kitchen!
Cinnamon Eggs!

 Twice'd baked is the trick. This came about by accident.  See, we don't have a big enough oven or pan to cook it all simultaneously, so I used to do 2 at a time.  Well, when I was done with the 1st two pieces I would stick it in the convection oven while I made the other two.  When I got the two out of the oven they were crispier, gooder,  and fluffier, and just better all around!  So now when I make Country Boy Toast, I bake it too!
  This might be some of the best french toast I've ever made.  It came out great and considering it's been so cold outside I thought it was a perfect time to make some gourmet Country Boy Toast!
 As you can see it turned out purdy good.

until next time,

~Country Boy


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