Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pea-Nuts, Fish, & Fire!

Ohh a man and his dog are a special thing.  Now you throw in a cabin, a fire-pit, and some fried fish then you've got yourself a slice a' Heaven.  I thought it was the coolest little out house a man could have.  My Mom corrected me and called it the pout-house.  Mom's got a great sense of humor on her.  But it was great being home with the old man and hearing his thoughts on what's going on in the world.  Plus it snowed and Dad loves the snow.
Peanut loves the snow too! He's a Jack Russell terrier and he's hell on wheels.  If you have a stick or a ball or anything; he'll fetch it for as long as you can throw it, or until your arm falls off.    
Splash!! I got it! (seriously no photoshop here) 
Dad built the cabin years ago using scrap wood from a lumber yard.  If you notice all the cuts of wood are rough-cuts.  I honestly think he built it for like 700 bucks.  He's a do-it-yourself kinda guy too. I guess that's where I get it from.  I can figure out technical stuff, but I couldn't build a dog house.  Ok maybe for Peanut I could....  

So we had a pretty good ol' time out in the woods.  We built a fire, fried some fish and played with the dogs and as insignificant as it sounds, it was fun just being with my Dad and doing stuff he loved to do.

It wasn't that cold out...'bout 40 couple.  Heck that's warm compared to NYC.

Daddy is a high-tech redneck!  Solar energy for his out-door lights ma'an. 

Remember when we went fishing?!? Well here's the fish we caught! We use the super secret recipe of seafood-breader from Winn-Dixie w/ salt and pepper.  ;-)

Mission accomplished. 

It was an awesome day and great being back in North Carolina.  I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and got to see all your friends and family.  It's always bitter sweet coming home.  You get the best of both worlds but both worlds are so far apart it hurts to leave each.  Thank goodness for technology as it's brought us all closer together. 

until next time, 

~Country Boy


  1. Great blog! Especially the choices of the music on the video!

  2. Awww, that was a good one! It's funny how something as simple as a little drop falling and splashing can make you say "WOW!". It just proves that a little moment can be as beautiful as a big one. No wonder your photography's getting all that attention!

  3. I love the 'pout house'. Looks like an awesome place. I wouldn't mind having one myself, to set up my wheel and play. Your dad did a great job on it.

  4. Thank you so much my son!!I love you.Great job!!!!Love DAD

  5. Wow! YOU guys are great. Thanks for all the support and love guys.

  6. "Pout house" looks great! I need one! The water drop was fantastic!


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