Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Happy NEW YEAR YA'LL!!!  We hope you guys had a great visit from santa!  I got an early gift by a friend of mine.  He's one of those guys you can always count on, you know.... a lawyer.  lol  No, I'm joking.  He's a great guy and was nice enough to hook me up with NY Knicks tickets.  City Belle had prior engagements so I took my boy Lido.  We had a blast. 
The Knicks smashed the Spurs straight out the gate. 


 Sea of humanity, diversity, and fun. 
  Raymond Felton got so much love from the Garden it was ridiculous.  Every time he touched the ball we applauded.  It was great seeing a fellow North Carolina boy get so much love from the fans in New York City. The Knicks ended up winning 128-115, so you can imagine how fun it was watching a game with absolutely no defense. 

SPIKE LEE drawing the CHARGE!!!!! 
Stoudemire's jumper!
Whoa now.......
These guys ain't got nothing on Country Boy...

  We hope you enjoyed your holidays and we wish you a great year.   We look forward to 2O11 and all it has to offer.  We would like to start off the year by thanking all of you for following the blog, without ya'll there wouldn't be a CB~CB, so thank you.  

until next time,

~Country Boy

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