Monday, January 17, 2011

marimekko monday

Hey Yall!  It's Monday, so how about some fresh inspiration to start your week.  A few months ago, Crate and Barrel in Soho opened a marimekko shop inside the store. 
I finally got a chance to go check it out and it was awesome! 
All of the amazing, graphic, vibrant prints in one spot!  
See how bright and colorful it is!
All sorts of beautiful things for your home!
Teapots and Trays

Colorful Bedding
You could even buy printed fabric to make your own marimekko designs. 
Bath Accessories
More Bedding...

Totes and Accessories

The store had something for everyone!
Desk and Office Accessories
Even brightly-colored accessories for a Rainy Day!

Hope you get some inspiration to start your week!

Until next time,
~City Belle

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