Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grand Central Terminal

       When you think of Grand Central Terminal you think of tons of people and chaos.  We think of deadlines, trains, and confusion.  "What is this?!?! Grand Central Terminal!! After the phone rings 2 or 3 times at our house.  As one of the busiest places in the world it can be a little intimidating when you enter the place.  It's adorned with ancient Greek sculptures, a huge fleeced clock and massive columns.

Here's a midtown shuttle bus to JFK for 15 bucks.  It's one of the cheapest rides from the City to the airport you can get.   If you're alone it's a good idea, but if you're with another person just cab it up. 

The architecture outside of the Station is Elizabethan and gorgeous.

On the way there it can get quite tricky.  I always come from the East side so I find it easier to walk down obscure streets like 41st instead of 42nd and 33rd instead of 34th when walking to any destination.  City Belle taught me this.  

Grand Central Terminal is gorgeous and stunning inside; seeing is believing. 
train lines to New Haven

      Here's something you might not know about Grand Central; it's has a wonderful food market filled w/ fish from the Mediterranean to the Chesapeake Bay.  There's branzino and flounder, striper and salmon.  The food market has steak and veggies, sweets, and more.  It honestly has just about anything you could ever imagine. 

Hello Mr. Lobster, how are you?  Wonderful as I would imagine, do you have any butter?
Where's the beef?  Right there........

Fruits and veggies, steak and seafood.  It's all right here in Grand Central Terminal.   

until next time,

~ Country Boy 

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  1. I have been reading most of the day trying to catch up! I am so enjoying this blog. Country Boy, your mom was my English Teacher WAY back in the day! And I have to say you and City Belle are just adorable! Maybe tomorrow I will be all caught up! I love being a voyeur into other people's lives!


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