Thursday, October 28, 2010

Food Truck Frenzy: Treats Truck

Food Truck Frenzy part 2 Ya'll!  In case you missed it, check out part 1 here.  I was on my lunch break a couple of weeks ago and took a stroll around the block to get some fresh air.  Just so ya know, Fresh Air is an oxymoron in this city!  Ha!  Anyway, I ran into this giant silver Food truck on the corner- the Treats Truck!  I had heard of this truck, but never had the chance to see it in person.  
I was so excited to see all the treats!  They had cupcakes, cookies, brownies, blondies, etc!  Yum!
 Love the girl with the bandana hat!  With all those amazing treats staring back at me, I had to make a choice.  I finally decided on the brownie and a cookie sandwich for Country Boy.  
They were delicious! 
 I love the retro look of the silver truck and logo!  Looks like Comfort Food on wheels. 

Treats Truck won a Vendy Award in 2008 for Exhibition Dessert Category Winner. So, they were cool, before Food Trucks were even a trend!
The cool thing is that after I had my Treats truck experience, I saw them on TV on a Blackberry commercial starting at second 00:19.  √ it out!!!
Loving the Food Truck Frenzy!
~City Belle


  1. I hope you got a cupcake for the wife! : )
    Just received my "winner" package today! Thanks again! It is awesome!

  2. Hey Denise! So glad you got your package! Thanks for everything! Let us know if you come to NYC! ~City Belle


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