Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hmm day

Well, Country Boy and I are a little bummed today.   Right now we are supposed to be on a flight to our real Honeymoon/1 year anniversary island destination.  We are supposed to be sitting on the beach sipping fruity drinks (with umbrellas) reflecting on our 1st year as a married couple.  We are supposed to be basking in the sun thinking how we couldn't afford this trip after we paid for our beautiful wedding last year and waited a year to save and take this trip as a celebration!

But instead....
This is what it looks like where we are going.
Yep!  Rain and wind, flooding, and potential Tropical Storm activity.  So, after much thought and analyzing {and tallying up the change fees}, we made the decision to postpone the trip.  They are calling for tons of rain and wind for the next 10 days.  So, instead of going and being stuck in the room watching it rain {trust me, we are pros at this, we do this all the time at home in NYC!  ha!} we are going to try for another date.  We don't know when yet, but hopefully sometime soon.

 Until then, I'll be daydreaming of this...

Happy Hump Day {hmm day for me}, 
~City Belle


  1. oh boo! that sucks guys! it will be even that much better- when you DO get to go!!! happy 1 year!- Ali Parris

  2. You're right Ali, when we do get to go it'll be awesome! Great to hear from you!

  3. BOOO! Just imagine how great your trip will be...sun shining, cool blue ocean, and white sand between your just builds your anticipation and you will enjoy it all the more. At least it's sunny in NYC, right!


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