Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Nate Show

I have pretty much been infatuated with Nate Berkus since first seeing him on Oprah a few years ago.  He is such a cutie with a flair for design. So, when he launched his own show on Sept. 13, I was really excited.  It's called  The Nate Berkus Show.  I tivo his new show everyday and realized he films in NYC and not Chicago like Oprah.   So he's in our backyard!  I went online to see how I could get tickets and a few days later the show emailed me to let me know that I had won tickets!  I was so excited because I had never been to a live studio taping.  
So, I did what every other normal girl would do- I dragged my husband to a taping of the Nate Show!  Ha!  Let's just say Country Boy was not excited.  
To make it worse, it was pouring rain and we had to stand out in it!  
We had our rain boots on.
Almost at the door! 

Once we got in, we realized we were VIP! 
 So, we were directed to the VIP waiting room.  
Not too fancy, but they did have food!  :)
After a few hours of waiting around and a couple of announcements, 
we were finally inside the studio!  
We sat 2nd row with an amazing view of Nate and the entire studio. 
Seriously, I have no idea how we got VIP?!?!?! 
Cameras were prohibited in the studio, hence the not-so-good shots.  
But, we stayed after and the crew let us sneak a couple of photos.
Here's a shot with the crew in action and our new Nate friend, Nikki!
Check us out in the video below on the far right. 
City Belle finally made the cut!

 One of the guests was Lauren Fix, so everyone in the audience got her book. Pretty cool!

And what do ya know here's my lucky Country Boy on the 2nd row!
 I got tucked off to the side. 
NO FAIR!  :-p
We had a great time!  The show aired last Friday, October 15th.  We were hoping to find out when the show was going to air, so we could tell you guys to watch for us.
But that didn't happen!
 Sorry Mom and Dad!

I guess you can say, we had our 15 min 3 seconds of fame. lol  

Until next time, 
~City Belle

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