Monday, August 30, 2010

Lights, Camera, NKOTB!?!


  Life has a funny way of resembling a roller coaster.  No need for elaboration here w/ the roller coaster metaphor but when you lose a very dear friend in life it hurts.  One that helped you, gave you work, and even fed you when you didn't have any money.  A friend like that.  That's what I lost last week, abruptly.  It still hurts but in a day and age where we are bombarded w/ media, news, technology and others, how long do we have to mourn? Besides, the story I received from his sister just the other day was that she was flying back down South b/c her daughter was having a baby girl just days after her brothers death.  The Lord truly giveth and He taketh away.  Sorta gave me cold chills and made me smile to know that a life was being brought into a family where a tragic death had just occurred.  Ironic?  No not at all just fate and destiny and all that other meaningful stuff we hate to discuss.  BUT enough of the mushy bottom!!! Let's celebrate a celebrity!  When you have a celebrity encounter with people in New York City it's always a pretty good experience.  99% of all the celebs I meet are nice and friendly.

    You just have to know how to approach them, and when to listen and when to leave them alone.   Today I had the opportunity to shutterbug a new television series on CBS called Blue Bloods.  It's based on an entire Irish family who work for the NYPD.  Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green who produced the Sopranos are doing it from the other perspective of the life of crime here in the City.  So instead of portraying the Mafia side angle, they are now on the long-arm-of-the laws perspective.   It's going to be great and Tom Seleck is even in it.  Magnum P.I. and a New Kid on the Block playin' Irish cops in New York City, heck why not?!? Apparently Donnie, AKA Detective Reagan uses dubious tactics to solve crime in the show and Tom is his dad so it's supposed to pretty good.  It has the 10 pm time slot on CBS this fall on Friday nights.  So look out for Blue Bloods on CBS!

I didn't know that on a set the character's name is on the chair instead of their actual name.   Donnie plays Danny Reagan in the show.  I'd be so confused people calling me Donnie and Danny.  No way I could be an actor.  I ain't gonna lie though Country Boy loves the camera.  In front of it and behind.
Neighbors w/ cars in the hood become irate when film crews come, but they always give Tudor City money for allowing them access to such a wonderful facility. 

The entire crew were extremely friendly.  They had cool tool boxes w/ stickers and random lights w/ huge cords and people everywhere.  It was neat to see what all goes into the production of a television series.  It's a lot of hurry up and wait  though. 
If the vans a rockin' don't come knockin' babay!!
Below is the private tent Donnie stayed in throughout the afternoon.   Chrysler in the background. 
Looks like a seat for a country boy......

Until next time,

~Country Boy


  1. Hey CB. So sorry to hear about your friend. Sounds like one of a kind. It's such a privilege finding that kind of friendship.

    Life is a roller coaster, for sure. One minute your down and out and before you know it, something else happens to light up the darkness. The new birth in your friends family will bring them so much happiness and will help comfort them.

    It's so neat that you get to encounter all those celebs and it's nice to know that they're not sticking their noses in the air.

    Michelle Pochet Chapman
    (in case you didn't know who this was :)

  2. Of course we know who you are! You were one of our 1st followers. You're a pioneer of sorts! We are so thankful for your comments and love hearing from you Miti.

  3. Sweet, thanks for sharing...Sorry again for your're dealing with a lot of the philosophical issues in my novel. Hang in there.

  4. Thanks for this sweet memory of my brother. I still hurt and probably will forever. However, it's words like this that give us all comfort. Thank you.

  5. You are very welcome Regina. I miss Dan a lot. Always will.

  6. Matthew - I am so sorry to hear about your friend - I didn't know until I read this - I am trying to catch up on your blog!!

    A word from a friend who knows of tragedy all too well - I just want to tell you this - it has helped me so much after losing my husband - it has been 3 years but sometimes it feels just like yesterday..."Hold on to memories, because sometimes they are all we have left!" Remember them when you hear a song, read a passage, or meet someone who reminds you of them - you will find that because of your memories, you always have them with you!!

    I am here if you need me!!

    I am enjoying catching up on the blog - keep it coming!!

    Mary :)

  7. Mary,

    So great to hear from you. Thanks for all the advise and I hope you have a blessed day. Keep your head up and know that there's lots of people that love you and think that you are very special lady.


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