Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sun-dried Tomato Sunday

Cooking isn't hard but it's not exactly easy either.  You subject yourself to others opinions, you put pressure on yourself to make it taste good, and usually you have to clean up afterwards.  But in a day where you don't really know who's in the back cooking, it feels good to be able to create simple fun dishes for City Belle. Over the years I've become accustomed to Her pallet, tastes, and likes when it comes to the food department.  City Belle always likes a quick little appetizer while I'm cooking it up in the kitchen.  So for a quick lil' snack I made Her taziki sauce w/ baked pandori pita bread. Just get a $1.00 cup of Greek yogurt, dice up some dill, getta teaspoon of vinegar, skin and dice half a cucumber, kosher salt, fresh cracked pepper, mix it up & let it set for 3 minutes in the fridge then you're done.
I know it might not look like much but this stuff is great.  Simple w/ a complex taste.
So the next thing on Country Boy's agenda is fixin' the pasta.  Smash that garlic!
I like to put EVOO in the bottom as a base, (heat) then allow the garlic and herbs to be extracted in the oil, thus producing an easier bite later in the marinara sauce.  The harshness of the garlic will succumb to oil and herbs.   
Allow to simmer on medium for about 8 minutes while the pasta boils.  I put oil in the boiling water w/ salt for flavor, but not until it boils. After it simmers for a while, zest lemon into the sauce; not too much ok?

Viola! There it is. Easy, fun and delicious.


  1. Wow!! That looks really good! I'll have to try that. I did save a recipe for taziki dip the other day. It's what they put in gyros, right? I love that stuff.

    Good luck with the blogging. I've got a couple myself. It's a lot of fun just to write and share whatever's on your mind.

    Btw, love the name.

  2. Thank you so much. It means so much to hear positive feed back from you Miti. Maybe we should start posting the exact recipes?!?!


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