Saturday, August 7, 2010

We heart NYC, but love NC

Country Boy, City Belle

Hi, I’m Country Boy and this over here is City Belle.  We are Newlyweds living in New York City.  We’re from small towns in North Carolina, but have lived in the Big Apple for 7 years.   We’re fun-loving, creative types who love good food and great design.  We are complete opposites, but that’s what makes us work; the yin to my yang.  J     

We have known each other since we were toddlers in NC, but growing up got in the way- separate schools, puppy love crushes, you know the deal.  We lost touch after High School, went away to college, and never crossed paths, until one day we both ended up in NYC. 

My Mom called me up one day and said "ya know She moved to the City, you should call her.”  I called her, and 6 years later ….she’s my wife. 

We love our southern roots and New York City Style.  We like Sweet Tea and Sushi,  Biscuits and Bagels, lush green grass and the Concrete Jungle.   We love family and the “small” things in life, while appreciating the “finer” things.  

Come along on our journey as we hope to offer you some Southern Hospitality with Big City Style. 

Until we Meet,
Country Boy, City Belle

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  1. Great blog guys! I really enjoyed the flavor of the City that you have captured. We will probably be coming up next Feb., so be making plans for the spots to take us! I just have to be in bed by 9 (grandpa!!).
    Liked the Hanes Comfort lounge, but I think it would have been sooo much better if they used real models for display. What about Jennifer Love-Hewitt, isn't she still under contract! Ha.


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