Sunday, August 8, 2010

Saturday night in the City

When friends come from North Carolina to the City to eat it's alway a little pressure.  Especially the ones who have been here a buncha times.  I find it challenging and fun to find spots in the City, but this time we left it to chance.  I said, "What the heck!" let's just walk around the Meatpacking district.  We'll just have a lil' vino, meet our friend, and stumble upon a little unassuming gem of a restaurant.....hopefully.

And so we 1st dove into Scarpetta on 14th and had their free, must-have warm potato-chips w/ basil at the bar.  It's a good idea to buddy up to the bartender at any spot that's not familiar to you.  They'll tell you what's good and everybody wins.  Ours brought us these chips which are absolutely 2die4!  Team this up w/ a super dry white wine or even a red and you'll be sittin' high in cotton thinkin' you just stole the farm.

 Scarpetta's interior is minimalist w/ wood plank walls, a pop of orange, marble floors & iron throughout....

√ out the cobblestones in the Meatpacking District 

On our way to the next spot....
Zooooom  Zoooom  drive it like you stole it man!!!......

It was a breezy night filled w/ fun times and happy laughs.  We really enjoyed the lack of a crowd and humidity.  We just kept on walking and sorta stumbling; City Belle had her Tarheels!  I mean high-heels on, so we had to make sure and be careful. I held her hand like a southern gentleman to guide the way.  We walked down 9th ave till we hit Washington st.  Heard a sound and what did we we see???

Ok get your head out of the clouds!!!!
Ahhhhh our diamond in the rough, La Gazzetta.  
We were pleasantly surprised when we walked into this coliseum of a restaurant called La Gazzetta.  It was loud, but inna good way.  We got a great seat facing the street and enjoyed people watching. The energy was vibrant and the food was great.  
Sorry I didn't take any shots of the food but we were starved.       
After our bellies were full, we decided to stop by a popular lounge for a drink.  It's a swanky little spot, where our friends work at the bar.  This 'ol Country Boy was looking good, but in true Southern spirit, I was wearing flip flops to complete my ensemble.  The doorman thought otherwise, and wouldn't let me in because of it.  So City Belle went in with our friend and I snuck in the back door, James Bond style (side elevator, dark stairwell, back door, beside bathroom).  We ended up hanging out in the Cabanas and sipped the night away.  

It was a great ending to Saturday Night in the City...
-Country Boy

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