Sunday, August 8, 2010

The South Meets Midtown, Hanes Comfort Lounge

Hey Y'all!  City Belle here.  We all know Hanes has comfy tees and undies, but what you may not know is that Hanes is a North Carolina based company.  Go NC!  So, when I found out they were doing a Hanes Comfort Lounge at Nikki Beach Midtown in NYC, I had to go!

 Look how Chic and Comfy!
Love the Red Hanes Martini Glasses
Hanes "Comfortini"

Wanna make it in the comfort of your own home? 
3/4 oz Champagne
1/4 oz Berri Acai Vodka
A splash of Cranberry Juice
The Hanes Bra Fitting Room- So cool 

Who knew Hanes was so Fashionable?!  
Watch out "Sex and the City," Hanes has "Comfort in the City!"

The event was a ton of fun.  I got to check out all the new products they are launching, like the Comfort Flex Bandini and the famous Rib A-shirts for men now available for us gals!
Its Back To School time, go grab some of these cool Hanes products for you and your fam. 

Stylishly Yours, 
City Belle


  1. Hey City Belle. My name is Michelle. I went to school with your Country Boy. Y'all are doing a great job on the blog!

    The Hanes Lounge looks really comfy! Go NC!!!

    Well, just thought I'd say hi and I look forward to getting to know the Country Boy's City Belle :o)

    Y'all take care up there.

  2. Thank you so much Michelle. It's so inspiring to hear kind words from a familiar face. Again, we thank you so much, it really does mean a lot.

    -CB,CB :-)


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