Monday, August 23, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

Hey Yall!  So, our AC is still broken, but fortunately it wasn't hot today.  Instead it rained cats and dogs.  Thankfully it waited until after I got to work to start this downpour, and it let up by the time I had to walk home.   So, things are looking up!  :)

Since its a rainy Monday, Country Boy and I didn't want to go out to dinner.  So, we decided to make this Monday night special by making our own pizzas!  Don't gasp!  I know that NYC is known for the best pizza in the world!  It's true!  But, it's also pretty expensive.  We can order a small, 1 topping pizza from our favorite place and have it delivered, but it will cost you a whopping $23 for a small!!!!  Crazy!

So, here is what we did.  On my way home for work, I stopped by the produce stand to get fresh garlic.  Then, I walked into the pizza joint on the corner and bought 2lbs of pizza dough for only $3.  We had the shredded mozzarella and marinara sauce at home.  

First, Country Boy kneaded the dough
Then, he cut the pieces we would need for our individual pizzas
Then he seasoned the dough with garlic salt, basil, oregano, and a touch of crushed red pepper flakes

Then he chopped fresh garlic for the marinara sauce.
Looking good!
Pizza dough all seasoned and ready to go.
Then we drizzled the pizzas with olive oil.
Say Cheeeeeeeeeeez!

Fresh out of the oven.  No, its not burnt. 
Ready to eat, complete with dipping sauce!  YUM!

It was definitely good, for our 1st try.  Not such a bad Monday after all.  :)

Say Cheese, 
-City Belle

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