Saturday, August 6, 2011

100 years of Laughter

You've probably heard that today is Lucille Ball's Birthday.  She would have been 100 today.  She was born near Jamestown, NY in 1911 where they put a Lucy and Desi museum in her honor.   I think she is one of the coolest women of our century.  Not only was she beautiful and talented, but she was also a super savvy business woman.  Lucy was the first female actress to run a major TV studio.  A true inspiration. 

I grew up watching the I Love Lucy show with my Aunt Sherri.  She is a huge Lucy fan and an avid collector.
I love this photo of Lucy because it shows her true hollywood glamour.  Her metallic dress, sultry expression, and smoking a ciggie.   A completely different side of the wholesome Lucy we are used to seeing. 
(Google Doodle Lucy Tribute)
If you haven't already, go to to see the Lucy tribute.
It is so cool. 

Happy Birthday Lucy!
Thanks for the wonderful years of laughter. 
~City Belle

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  1. I have always loved Lucille Ball and everything she stared in. She was a fantastic actress and a beautiful person. Thank you for sharing your blog~



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