Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can U Smell it?

I made City Belle homemade Halibut the other night with a cucumber tomato-dill sauce for the topping, and I pan-seared the Halibut in garlic, lemon butter, and herbs on both sides for 2 minutes.  Then I baked it @420º for 20 minutes and it ended up looking like this....
I just popped the cocktail shrimp in the oven towards the end to absorb all the flavor of the garlic and butter. I bought the rice from the Chinese spot next door, it was 3 bux and saved me 30 minutes from toiling over a boiling pot of rice.  The asparagus I peeled 1st with a potato peeler, just a little though and I pan-seared those as well in garlic and kosher salt, fresh cracked pepper, and EVOO.
This ended up tasting great, but the fishy smell has lingered...
Now I know what you're thinking...why is there smoke everywhere?? Well when you cook FISH in a small Manhattan apartment, the smell tends to hang around.....And you know what they say about fish, family, and friends after 3 days in the house?!?!  THEY STINK! So I've lit candles and sprayed spray, I bought febreze and it didn't work either so I almost lost hope.   But not to WORRY!  While strolling in Manhattan I happened across an interesting book store on 53rd street called Quest, so I walked inside.  

While there I saw this really cool Morningstar Quality Incense packaged meticulously in a pretentious little box.  I loved it.  What makes it 'quality' you ask? Well it was created in Japan in the 1960's and smelled amazing. Go to Nippon Kodo for details.
  (FYI:  Nippon is the native word for Japan)
They were having a sale on the burners so I bought 3 packs.  There were 50 sticks to a pack. 
I bought Amber, Sandalwood and Lavender. 
When I first lit them I noticed how much smoke was filling the air so I decided to photograph it.  I use the Canon EOS 60D and I always allow my imagination to flow while shooting...Can you see anything? I sorta see a small horse on the right and a falcon sweeping down on the left with it's wings ascending onward and upward to the sky.
But that's just me...
                ☝As Above
pǝddılɟ & pǝʇɹǝʌuı ǝʞoɯs ɐıdǝs
☟So Below

"Hello Luna, why the loooong face?"
I definitely see the profile of a face looking right.  It looks like a ½-Moon with a Looooong chin to me. See his nose???  Cool huh? 
 Some Smokin' Flowers! 
 The Morningstar Quality Incense ended up doing the trick.  I made a little shrine to get rid of the evil bad smells and it worked!  The flowers are a surprise for City Belle because she went to Arkansas this week for a business trip.  When she gets back she's gonna be super surprised to have a clean apartment that smells good and custom designed flowers in rocks and water!  

Do you think she will like them??

Let me know what you think,

until next time,
Country Boy


  1. of course City Belle will like them!

  2. I see a skeleton left up from dead center in "man in the moon" and a lots of curly hair-back and side view of a woman with an oval shaped hollow nose for the pic below 'man in the moon'. I know she's gonna love those flowers! -pslice

  3. This is the coolest blog entry yet.

  4. Grrrrreat blog. Always love your stuff!!!!!!


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