Friday, August 19, 2011

FunknSteel Music Man

 I was going to do some freelance work on the UWS the other day, so I took the cross-town M42 to Times Square to catch the 1-2-3 uptown train.  While in Times Square I happened upon this Music Man beating on a steel drum.  He must've known I was going to do something neat w/ the video because he gave me his business card with all his information on it.  His name was Dexter Jones and he seemed like a very friendly free spirit to me.  In other words, a gift to the grudge & sludge that is the NYC Subway.  Mr. Jones was a welcome cheer who brought smooth sounds and smiles to us jaded New Yorkers...
Mr. Jones was making the loot too! I dropped a dollar in there and so did a lot of other folks.  It was nice to hear the sounds of the Caribbean in the NYC subway and it payed off for the Music Man too! 
Which way do I go, which way do I go!?!?!?
The steel pan was developed in Trinidad after the end of WWII when soldiers left oil drums scattered across the island's countryside.  Ingenious musicians pounded and shaped the oil drums, beating out new sounds and rhythms that created a distinctly Caribbean music.  Today, people in steel bands play the drums to showcase the distinctive music; the steel pan also found its way into other places as well..... like an NYC Subway?!?!  

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~Country Boy

FunknSteel Music
Dexter Jones

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