Thursday, August 4, 2011

St. John, USVI Trip

Welcome to Paradise!   
     Hey Y'ALL!!! We went on a trip to the caribbean a couple of months ago.  You already saw the Full Moon Party at Trellis Bay which was crazy-trippy-fun!   But we never actually got a chance to share the beginning of the trip.  Ooops!    
We started our trip in St. John.  We flew from NYC to St. Thomas airport and then took a crazy taxi ride across St. Thomas island to the Red Hook ferry dock.  Then we boarded a HUGE ferry to St. John.  Talk about planes, trains, and automobiles!!  We took every mode of transportation all in one day!  
This is the boat you take over from St. Thomas after you land.  It ain't the safest lookin' ferry they ever built, but we made it to our destination nonetheless! 
We were able to see our resort Gallows Point right from the ferry.  Our friends living in Minot, North Dakota recommended the resort and they were spot on!  Gallows Point was so amazing!
Thanks Jodi and Cliff!!! 
 Sunset from our balcony.
This is the beachfront spot where all the boats would dock and folks would come to eat and explore Cruz Bay.
ZERO post-edit.......God did all that ☝☝☝......
BAR on the Beach! 
These two children remind me of a time long ago when City Belle and I swam in the pool together each summer in Lincolnton, NC.  I've known her all my life and I still think She can
  walk on water... 

The stairs leading up to our cottage overlooking the Caribbean were decorated with old-style teal colored tiles.  It was honestly like sleeping inside of a jungle in a modern designed bungalow. We even had Wi-Fi in paradise! The windows were open and you could hear all these exciting birds, owls, and random animal sounds that you weren't so sure of.  We fell sound asleep each night while hearing the ravishings of the waves crashing effortlessly against the rocks.
(and those annoying birds!)  
directly under our balcony.....
our little friend....he looks cute but he left behind a few droppings....
(if ya know what I mean)
This guy was THEE MAN!!!  He was there everyday. You could tell by the markings on his back it was him. This was his front yard! I was amazed at how close he allowed me to get....
(but he probably just thought I was an idiot tourist)

This was a trip of a lifetime with my wife and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay.  We can't wait to go on our next excursion together. 

This is Cinnamon Bay.  We met/made some friends who were also on their Honey-Moon and we took a jeep here and to Trunk Bay and spent a few hours at each.  The water was crystal clear as far as the eye could see.
HEY!! This is OUR SPOT!!!  Can't you see our bag!
Surf's up DUDE!
 This guy hung out all day. He was the epitome of a lounging-lizard.  He had lush green grass and plush leaves right at his finger-tips claws! Hey if you look close enough you can see where I photographed a spider web...see the strand of web on the top of the brush? It extends all the way to the left...
Black and White Sunset

 That's Gallow's Point in the background behind the boats.
How about a SNORKEL TRIP?!?!
an 1895 Tombstone...RIP beach bum
 Instagram Post-edit: follow me @ Mattyk88
 Thirst quencher called the Pain-Killer
 They put the JERK in Jerk Seasoning down there in the islands.  I love spicy stuff but this takes the cake! BEWARE if you eat the SKRIMP in the USVI!!!!
We feel truly blessed to have had such a wonderful and completely safe trip to St. John.  We fully took advantage of the culture there.  We dined on Mahi-Mahi and had drinks with rum and coconut milk! We slept in a bunga-low, and even did a little snorkeling. 

until next time,

Country Boy~City Belle 

All Photography by Country like on MDK Global Design Studios



  1. Yay, for Gallows Point & St. John! So happy you two had a wonderful trip to all the islands. It truly is paradise! I'll just dream about it for now, but plan to go back.

  2. Awww, that was a great post! I especially liked the part where the two kids reminded you of playing with City Belle when you were kids. Very Sweet :o) ((((He's a Keeper City Belle))) Next time you want to go to paradise, you should go to my beautiful Costa Rica :o)

  3. Beautiful pictures and lovely thoughts!

  4. Awesome Photography and looks like you had a great time!

  5. Wow guys! Great hearing from all of you! Thanks for the comments and if you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email. We really appreciate all of your support.

  6. Hey thanks for posting this ! My wife told me to pick a place anywhere but Jamaica again.( Not that she doesn't love it ....but 11 times I see her point ) Looks like I picked a good one !!!

    Mike & Evonne

  7. We are heading there in 2 weeks!! So happy to see this post! It reassures us that picking Gallows Point was a good decision! Thank you for sharing your experiences!


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