Monday, August 29, 2011

Savage Beauty

The Met
I did it!  I had the amazing opportunity to see the Savage Beauty exhibit before it left town forever, and guess what the best part is...I didn't have to wait in the 3-6 hour line!!!

When I arrived, this is what I saw- a sign that said a 3 hour wait time
and a a ton of people waiting in line.  Of course I procrastinated like the rest of NY to see the exhibit on Thursday before it closed.  However, my friend is a member and she invited me to go with her, which meant we got to skip this line....
Savage Beauty was the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met Museum that ended August 7th.  For those of you not familiar with McQueen, he was a famous fashion designer known for his eccentric designs and masterful creativity.  Unfortunately, he committed suicide in 2010.
His fashion house,  under Sarah Burton's design direction, created the wedding dress for the royal wedding in April.
Photo: Binzento Vincente
So, the exhibit at NY's Met was a BIG DEAL!
 So big that the wait in line averaged 3-6 hours!
This is the wait just outside the Met,
 which wraps around the museum and into Central Park...
 and keeps going!!!!  Can you believe this line?!?!
The Met
The exhibit was amazing.  McQueen was truly ahead of the curve.
The Met
This was the 1st room of the exhibit that showcased McQueen's expert tailoring skills.
It was true craftsmanship.
The Met
 This was the Scottish inspired room.
The Met
This was the Lady Gaga room.  Ha!  Just Kidding!
Doesn't it look just like a Lady Gaga outfit?
 This was his futuristic look.
The Met
 This was one of my Favorite pieces.  You could own this tailored jacket now and it would still look amazing and fresh 25 years from now, not to mention, fit like a glove.
The Met
This dress was another one of my favorites, it is made out of sea shells that have been filed down.
How amazing is that?

The exhibit was great.  Props to the Met for bringing such an amazing collection to NYC.  I feel very fortunate that I got to see it and did not spend 4 hours in line!

Until next time,
~City Belle

Photos courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


  1. LOL that collection was Plato's Atlantis, and actually Lady Gaga DID wear pieces from this collection for her video Bad Romance . this whole exhibit was amazing and very emotive for McQueen fans. im glad u got to enjoy it! :D

  2. What an amazing opportunity for you to see the late designer's work. What a loss to the world of design.


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