Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lexington Bar-B-Que

When you think of Bar-B-Q you think of Lexington, NC not Lexington Avenue in New York City but nonetheless we've found another diamond in the rough.  I've been cyber-sparring back and forth w/ the owner of Black Shack on Lex for a few months.  City Belle and I have been ordering burgers from Black Shack for well over a year and a few months ago they fubbed up our order.  It wasn't a big deal but I still give Jeff the owner a hard time.  CB~CB is a HUGE fan of Black Shack on Facebook and I'm always on the look-out for their food specials. They not only have some of the best burgers in NYC, they also have some really good craft-beer specials.  Let's take a trip to get some Bar-B-Que in NYC: 
(notice the grade A for cleanliness on the left side of the glass)
The interior is set-up like an old-school vintage burger-stand. They even have the little black plastic letters you stick in the menu-sign to spell out the food items.... Yep, it's really that cool.  That's Jeff on the far left w/ the big grin.  He and his crew were more than hospitable. 
 It's a splendid stroll from our apartment to Lexington Avenue and it wasn't until Black Shack started talking about Bar-B-Q that I put my walkin' boots on b/c they have a great delivery program.  It's not often you stroll down Lexington Avenue in New York City and happen upon a Burger Spot that boasts an open-flamed grille and Bar-B-Q.  Bar-B-Q?  Where I'm from BBQ is pork, but in NYC the term is used as a verb.  Yankees say, "Let's Bar-B-Q some chicken!" meaning you could grille steak, or salmon or whatever on the grille.  We (Southerners) say, "Let's eat some Bar-B-Q!" We have Eastern North Carolina and Western North Carolina and you can read all about it here: BBQ.  
Jeff issued a humble invite regarding his Que and spoke of marvelous craft beers so I finally made the trek: 

When City Belle and I read this it honestly made our day.  It's not often a fellow Manhattanite admits to a Southerner we can do something better than they can.  But there you have it in black and white...Wait Facebook has blue letters....
on the way
across the street from BS
I just thought this was cool;  the juxtaposition of the new building in the background w/ the dilapidated remodeled one where a roof-top garden awaits all alone......  
Bengali Tiger beer is from Brooklyn. 
 I liked it, but it's a beer drinker's beer if ya know-whad-I-mean
imported out of San Francisco, the 21st Amendment...
I think I'll have that.
 The interior is set up very nice.  Simple, refined, w/ a vintage-rustic feel. 
 Don't Drink and Drive, always Hail a Cab! 
Ok, imma be honest.  The sandwich was amazing.  The Que was well above average for NYC.  I mean, it wasn't my uncle Troy's where he slooooow-smokes it for 3 days, but it was still the Bomb!  Jeff home-made this batch.  He hand-made it himself and even came to my table and described for me his process.  Often the Bar-B-Q spots in NYC make huge batches and it ends up being dried-out, but at a place like Black Shack on Lex where the batches are small and announced online it paints a whole different picture.
Sweet Potato Fries... in New York?  Really?  
Yes sirreeee!!!
mission accomplished.....

Black Shack Burger

320 Lexington Ave
btw 38th and 39th St
ManhattanNY 10016
Murray Hill, Midtown East
(view on map)

I closed my eyes while biting into the Que and just for a moment I was on my back porch in North Carolina drinkin' a sweet tea w/ my Mom and Dad... 

Until next time, 

Country Boy

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